A Visual Director – supported by a wealth of experience in professional post-production for television and the silver screen. Passionate in discovering new ways to create unique atmospheres and explore the unlimited technological possibilities of the medium.

As a freelancer, I am now mainly acting as a director and an editor.

perspiration + inspiration

Working in digital post-production, I discovered the unlimited possibilities of animation and special effects in fiction.

Editing: Adobe Premiere, Avid, Lightworks, Final Cut


Video Technician & post-production workflows
Projection & Digital Cinema specialist
Compositing: Adobe After Effects & Digital Fusion (basic)
3D: Lightwave


How did I get here?

Until now, my biggest project was my own short movie ‘Nimmer’. In 2011, I wrote the screenplay and saw a lot of hard work rewarded by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund. This film contains VFX, 3D-animation as well as live-action, all blending seamlessly into a compelling viewing experience. After years of hard work and coordinating the whole process as a director, I am very proud to have won several awards and to have been selected at several international film festivals from 2016 till 2019.

In 2019, I received again funds to start the pre-production of a new short film, ‘EXIT’. It will also be a project without dialogue in which visual effects will be mixed with live-action & motion capture.

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As a freelancer, I am acting as a director, editor and an all-round post-production specialist.
Director (& Editor)
Assistant Editor
Online editor