Het Patroon

‘Het Patroon’ (‘The Pattern’) is my first theatre play.
An obsession for a pattern. A neurosis for a number. A search for a seemingly random number. Is it the imperfect and irrational humanity that has to prevail or the strictness and regularity of mathematics? What is certain: there will be no order, only chaos.
With ‘The Pattern’ VZW De Schaduw brings an adaptation of Darren Aronofsky’s psychological thriller Pi. The film meant his breakthrough with the general public.

This played 7 times in September and October 2018.



Het Patroon from Lieven Vanhove on Vimeo.


VZW De Schaduw
Jonah Muylle
Liselotte Vercaigne

Thomas Demeulenaere – Max
Rufus Six – Lennie De Meyer
Katia Ostyn – Nancy Goossens
Lore Molly – Sofie
Johan De Brouwere – Paul
Bart Soens – Rabbi De Meyer
Bart Soens – Rabbi De Meyer
Fien Gelein – Bonnie

Original music by

Knack about ‘Het Patroon’ (Dutch)