Nimmer is my debut, in which a man is looking for the ultimate solution to save his wife from a falling cliff.
The technical specifics of this project are especially challenging, mainly because I wanted to create a poetic atmosphere throughout a blend of live action, 3D-animation and a lot of post-production.
This all results in a highly symbolic story that provokes sadness as well as hope.

Nimmer Poster



LA Shorts Fest – Best experimental movie (Oscar Qualifying festival) (USA)
Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival-16 – Best VFX (India)
Noida International Film Festival – Best VFX (India)
Taos Shortz – honourable mention animation (Mexico)
35th Brussels International Festival of Fantasy – Price of RTBF (Belgium)
Vaughan International Film Festival – Best Film / Best Director / Best Cinematography (Canada)
Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival – Best Sound Design (Ireland)
Goddess On The Throne – Best Film (Kosovo)
Vortex Festival (Rhode Island International Film Festival) – First prize Best Fantasy Short (USA)
Speechless Film festival – Award Of Merit


Selected at
Oaxaca Film Fest (Mexico)
Toronto International Shorts Festival (Canada)
Dhaka International Film Festival (Bangladesh)
Juggernaut Sci-Fi & Fantasy Short Film Festival (USA)
Leuven Short Film Festival (Belgium)
Imagine Film Festival (Netherlands)
Ciné Privé (Belgium)
Derby film fest (UK)
Phoenix Comicon (USA)
Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (Korea)
Fantasia (Canada)
Bay Street Film Festival (Canada)
Breck Film Fest (USA)
ArtServe – Red Eye (USA)
We Are Filmquest (USA) (Top 10 Picks Short Films)
Lowlands Festival (Netherlands)
Sedicicorto International Film Festival (Italy)
Bolton Film Festival (UK)
Fright Fest (UK)
Horror Quest (USA)
GrimmFest (UK)
Razor Reel (Belgium)
Les Utopiales (France)
Interfilm (Germany)
Retour à l’Anormal (France)
Festimatge (Spain)
The Film and Video Poetry Symposium (US)
Transilvania International Film Festival (Romania)
Underground Filmfestival (Germany / Sweden / US / Iceland etc.)
Filmfest Weiterstadt (Germany)
Maniatic (Spain)
Ibiza Cinefest (Spain)
Montevideo Fantastico (Uruguay)


Nimmer – Trailer from Lieven Vanhove on Vimeo.


Nimmer – Making Of from Lieven Vanhove on Vimeo.


The fragile world of a couple is torn apart. Once they lived together in a home with a lighthouse on the shore. Now a turbulent sea is tearing them apart. Orville is stuck in the house on the cliff, Imme is trying to survive on a rock in the lighthouse in the middle of the roaring waves. He keeps trying to bring her back, but nothing works. Meanwhile, she sends him her sadness through birds. Suddenly the whole rock is starting to collapse and Imme’s life is in danger. Orville’s time is running out while he needs his ultimate solution as quick as possible.


Sieber Marly

Komkom Doorn
Grid Film

Cast – Imme
Sarah Eisa

Cast – Orville
Geert Vandyck

Director of photography
Marc Van Acker

Mathieu Depuydt

Original music by
Adriaan Swerts

Visual Effects
Pieter SwustenTim Vandekerckhove
Raf Schoenmaekers

Special Effects
Movie FX

Concept art
Marcus Hoogveld

Sound Effects
Srdjan Kurpjel

Elien KellensStijn Valkenborg
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